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National Model Railroad Association - organization devoted to the hobby of model railroading
Directory of World Wide Rail Sites - model railroading site maintained by the NMRA
NMRA Mid-Central Region Division 2 - The Keystone Division
NMRA Mid-Central Region Division 2 Model Railroads - photos of local layouts
NMRA Mid-Central Region Division 11 - The Keystone Corridor
NMRA Mid-Central Region Division 11 Model Railroads - photos of local layouts

Railroad Maps - Library of Congress site
Railroad Map of Pennsylvania - map in Adobe format dated 2006
Railroad Map of North America - map in Adobe format dated 2001
Magazine Index - an index to many model train magazines
Model Railroad & Misc. Electronics - model railroad related electronic circuits
Keystone Modeler - PRR modeling information publication
Bessemer & Lake Erie Messageboard - B&LE railfan site
Earth Google - G.I.S. of the globe in to your house by Google
MSN Live Search Maps - G.I.S. of the globe in to your house by MSN
List of ALCO diesel locomotives - Encyclodictionalmanacapedia at
List of Baldwin diesel locomotives - Encyclodictionalmanacapedia at
List of Fairbanks-Morse locomotives - Encyclodictionalmanacapedia at
List of GE locomotives - Encyclodictionalmanacapedia at
List of GM-EMD locomotives - Encyclodictionalmanacapedia at

John Allen's Gorre and Daphetid Railroad - A Reminiscence - a look back at the railroad and the man who created it.
HO - discover scale modeling, it's more then just trains.
Rail Serve - currently indexing 8331 web sites in 51 categories.
Pittsburgh Main Line - Conrail from Pittsburgh to Johnstown

Prototype resources:
Online Railroad Photo Database - search through over 60,000 photos
Ron Wright Railroad - BW photos from 1954 through the 70's
Live Railroad Radio Communications - scanner feeds at various locations around the country
Fallen Flags and Other Railroad - images and data for over 700 railroads of the US and Canada
Carsten Lundsten's Basement - Railfanning Trips and Railroad Signaling, Safety and Operations
Pennsylvania Railroad - maps, pictures, wallpaper and more.
Pennsylvania Railroad - Rosters, listings, links and more.
Pennsylvania Railroad - the unofficial Pennsylvania Railroad homepage

Layout picks:

Bear Creek & South Jackson RR

Charlie's Railroad Page

Blood Sweat & Tears Railroad

Gary Courtemanche's lot of photos

Bona Vista Railroad

Set in the Upper Midwest of the mid-1950s

Central New York Modelers

HO scale club from Syracuse, NY, also known as CNYMOD

Four County Society of Model Engineers

Modular railroading at its best

The Franklin and South Manchester Railroad

A creation of George Sellios

Great Eastern Railway

Roger Traviss' layout photo album

Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad

Ken Spranza's layout

Hoosac Valley Railroad

Craftmanship by Dick Elwell

Lehigh Valley Railroad, PA Division

HO scale model railroad under construction

The Mississippi, Alabama and Gulf Model Railroad

HO layout set in the deep south of the 1950's

Nostalgia Trip

Soo Line by Ray Grosser

The Nevadun Railroad

Jim Packer's never ending layout

Niagra & Pearl Creek Railroad

Art Fahie's layout in Portland Maine

The Old Woman In The Back Bedroom

Two level scenic layout

Siskiyou Line

Southern Pacific in Southern Oregon during the 1980s

The Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad

WPMRM museum in Gibsonia, PA

Fred Gill, MMR

photos by ModVid Studio 10

Appalachian & Ohio Railroad

O scale in the verdant hills and valleys of West Virginia

PRR/RDG/WM South Central Region

Double deck HO scale proto-freelance layout set in the mid 1950s

Frequently used web sites:
The Weather Channel - Pittsburgh weather
AccuWeather - Pittsburgh weather forcast
AccuWeather - Pittsburgh weather radar
Parkway Web Cameras - Pittsburgh traffic
Pittsburgh Gas Prices - helping Pittsburgh find low gas prices
Pittsburgh Traffic - Pittsburgh
Fox News Channel - news
Drudge Report - news - Commentary Today, opinions on the left and opinions on the right
PA Fairtax - Income tax, flat tax, or fair tax
Comcast - #1 ISP
Official U.S. time - accurate to 0.0000001 seconds
Local Hikes - hiking trails near metropolitan areas
GetHuman database - phone codes to go straight to a real person

About - how to and tutorials
Ask Jeeves - information and answers
DogPile - fetch - all results, no mess
Google - search and find web sites and pictures
Map Quest - find a place and print a map
SMARTpages - yellow pages and business directory
WebBound - the web bound index
WebMD - this site could be useful
Yahoo! - search the web
Dictionary - on line dictionary

ebay - buy and sell to redo your rolling stock
My Simon - find on-line stores
Bessemer Hobbies - dependable distributors of quality model railroading products
Internet Trains - model railroad supplies
Wholesale Trains - model railroad supplies
Train World - model railroad supplies

Comcast - #1 ISP
Name Secure - web services
Go Daddy - web services
Kim Komando - expert advice for your computer
Web Developer - help with making web pages
Java Script Source - help with making web pages
HTML Cross Reference - compact index of HTML tags
HTML 4.0 Tags - WebDeveloper's virtual library
XSLT Reference - for XML style sheets
MS ISS 5 - support center

Planarity - remove intersecting edges on a planar graph
ClickMazes - interactive puzzles and mazes
MiniClip - free games and shows
57 Visual Phenomena - a collections of optical illusions

Snap Files - download freeware and shareware software programs
Sygate Personal Firewall - stop unwanted traffic from and to your computer
Avast! Home Edition Anti-Virus - free disinfectant for non-business computers
Pop This! Popup Blocker - this one works
iISystem Wiper - disk and browser cleanup
SpyBot-S&D Anti-Spy - you won't believe what this one can find
Firefox by Mozilla - web browser without Bill's unlocked doors & windows

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