The Plum Creek Railroad is located in Western Pennsylvania, east of Pittsburgh. This busy railroad runs from an interchange with the PRR (Conemaugh Branch) near the town of Saltsburg, westward over the hills of Westmoreland County, through the town of Export with an interchange to the Turtle Creek Railroad, and continues on to the town of North Bessemer where it connects to the B&LE and to the PRR (Plum Creek Branch).

Most of the railroad's traffic and revenue is generated from PRR locals taking a shortcut, the PRR trains set out and pick up freight at Export and White Valley. On the PCR, the PRR traffic has priority, unlike the delays they run into along the Kiski. The PCR delivers freight to local merchants and also services the coal deliveries for the Delmont Mines, it's also an interchange with the Turtle Creek Railroad and the Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad.

A 1895 railroad map that was found on Library of Congress web site, shows the gaps in the system that the Plum Creek Railroad filled. Even at that time, the route down the Kiskiminetis River and the Allegheny River was slow and congested.

Although the Plum Creek Railroad never existed, I am modeling a route that could have been. It is meant to represent the typical Western Pennsylvania prototype railroad that strives to survive under the footsteps of the Pennsy.

A track map in Adobe PDF format shows the PCR route.

Last updated: December 30, 2005
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