Staging is essential for operating a railroad this small, it is just a tiny portion of the world. Cars come and go from the West Coast, New England, Texas, and points between. Staging is any destination that is not modeled on this layout.

Westbound PRR trains drop off and pick up cars on the mainline siding at Export, and eastbound PRR trains drop off and pick up cars on the mainline siding at White Valley. Two PCR crews share the task of delivering cars; one works out of Export, also working the branch line to Jeanette, Delmont, and Murrysville, the other PCR crew works out of White Valley, working the main line down through Dunnington and Slickville. Another PCR crew runs a local freight turn from Export to Saltsburg and back, and from Export to North Bessemer Plum Creek Yard and back. The B&LE runs a train out of North Bessemer, hauling coal bound for New Florence, on its way it stops and picks up coal from the Delmont Mines.

Commuter trains are run out of Saltburg to and from downtown Pittsburgh, taking workers and shoppers to their destinations. A scenic tourist train is run by the PCR using an old K4 steam engine, taking railfans west out of Export, then northeast on the PRR along the Allegheny River, turns southeast up the Kiskiminetis River, then heads west at Saltsburg, back to Export.

We have been operating the PCR since February 20, 2004, since then, every third Friday, we've had many enjoyable evenings. A minimum of two people can operate the railroad, up to a maximum of six operators and one dispatcher.


Track Map

A track map in Adobe PDF format shows the PCR route.

The following is a listing of tracks and industries, followed by some PCR operational guidelines.

Saltsburg to Plum Creek - westbound listing

Branchline - westbound listing

Lower Level Staging Yard


Paul, Bob, Tom & Andy.

Operational Guidelines

Morning Schedule

Afternoon Schedule

Cars are set out on the Jeanette interchange track.

PRR EC9 westbound rolls through Dunnington.

The westbound EC9 drops off 25 cars and picks up 22, causing some creative switching on the short PCR tracks.

PCR crew members take a well deserved break.

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