Date: August 15, 2004

The Plum Creek crews have been working on operations. They have completed and tested the wiring for all three of the throttle controls, so that any control can be plugged in at any of three locations. This will relieve congestion at certain points on the railroad.

The crews are now nearing completion of the car cardholders, the lack of cardholders has caused much confusion, so now, with the cardholders in place, operators can switch out cars without the mystery of wondering were the cards are.

The Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad has added a caboose numbered B&LE 2001 to its Saltsburg coal drag.

In other news, PCR CEO Guss Grump, is complaining that certain PCR employees are moonlighting at other railroads. He has stated that company proficiency will suffer due to incongruous oversights. Employee spokesperson Harry Bush is defending the employees, stating that learning other railroad methods can only be beneficial to the PCR operations. Grump was heard stating that he's a democrat and that he, like the New Jersey governor, does not like Bush.

The deal with cookie giant Harry Butter, has melted away. A cheese distributor, B.E. Cheese Cutters, has bought the building, known as the "FACTORY", in White Valley next to the pickle plant. Neighbor Ivan Hump has been heard asking, "I wonder what pickles and cheese smells like."

Still in other news, Mobilgas - Pittsburgh East Distribution Facility in Slickville is reporting record sales, due to their full fuel and oil tanks and speedy delivery times by the PCR crews.

The next operating session is this Friday, August 20th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all this Friday!