Date: September 12, 2004

A broken wire was discovered on the control panel for the Delmont Mines, repair crews found the broken wire the day following the horrific train crash involving PRR CA10 and B&LE B4IC in Saltsburg. The crews of both trains survived with only minor injuries, neither engineer could be reached for comment. Crash investigators could not explain the fresh imprint of a face on the back of a coal hopper car in the B&LE coal drag. Estimates could put the damages to property and equipment at twenty-two billion.

Photo courtesy of Fox News Channel
Eyewitness Emma Bignoff saw the train backing out of Saltsburg yard, stating, "I love to just watch those trains move around." She went on to say that the signals started flashing goofy signals, saying, "I thought I was in Disneyland." She saw another train approaching the yard from the west, but when she realized that the two trains were on the same track, she screamed.

A nearby pipeline exploded as a result of the collision, which caused a nearby dam to give way, flooding the valley and destroying property in its wake. Firefighters and rescue crews worked through the night.

Still in other news, Mobilgas - Pittsburgh East Distribution Facility in Slickville is reporting it's second month of record sales, due to their full fuel and oil tanks and speedy delivery times by the PCR crews.

Great work PCR crews!

The next operating session is this Friday, September 17th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all this Friday!