Date: September 12, 2004

Last month's operating session was cancelled due to Ivan's rain. When Paul called, it was little more than a slow drive home from work and a few drops of water in the basement. And yes, the power was out, but that would come back soon.

Well, the power did come back on later that evening, but I didn't realize until much later, how lucky we were to get it back so soon.

This month, I'm working on the creek. I'm using plaster castings that Bob brought over. A tunnel portal works for the culverts under the mainline; these castings were shortened to look like a culvert. The stone walls are also plaster castings, trimmed to fit.

I had a chance to visit some model railroads from the I-80 Group, I took some more pictures and have at I80modelrailroads

The next operating session is this Friday, October 15th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all this Friday!