Date: November 14, 2004

A cabin fire in PRR 477714 on lease to the PCR tops this month's news. PCR crewmembers report that the engineer was running the train like a mad man and knocked over the stove.

When interviewed, the engineer claimed, "I had to get back to the tower so I wouldn't miss dispatching the EC9 up the hill." The engineer went on claiming that he had to get another 35 cars spotted by four.

In other news, a postal driver slammed into Ivan Hump's new Ford Galaxy 500, running his wife off the road into a bridge abutment. The driver is being detained for questioning. It is not clear why the postal worker's wife was driving Hump's car.

Guss Grump is back in the news complaining about all the "stupid trees growing everywhere." Scientists are baffled as to why for so long there was no trees, now there are many. What was once barren landscape is slowly becoming lush and green with trees and other vegetation.

The next operating session is this Friday, November 19th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all this Friday!