Date: January 16, 2005

This month's question is, Where's the lights? The tree that was decorated in November has been stripped of its ornaments. It seems that somebody stole Christmas. Mr. Hump, owner of Ivan A. Hump Industries could not be reached for comment, but was seen riding a sleigh pulled by a sled dog and carrying a large bag.

A faulty 3-way switch hampered PCR crews as they switched White Valley. Repair crews have since fixed the problem.

Rail fans were fascinated to see a substitute engine for the commuter run. A Broadway Limited M1 4-8-2 chugged its way along the PCR line to and from Pittsburgh. White Valley station was surprised to find all of the passengers in the front cars and the rear cars were empty. The engineer could not explain this phenomenon.

Another derailment happened at the lead switch to the Saltsburg Yards, engineers are being consulted for a solution to the ongoing problem.

In other news, the Car Cards and Waybills have been reprinted. Each town destination is distinguished by both color and a two or three letter code.

Surveyors have finally finished the PCR Track Map. Crew members will now know were they are going.

The next operating session is this Friday, January 21st, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all!