Date: February 12, 2005

This month's top story is that Slim McCready is back to work. Slim is the PCR crewmember who was injured October 15 of last year. He was in the cabin that caught fire when he was knocked down by the falling stove.

Slim's return is timely in that PCR is now running two switchers to service Export and White Valley. Last month's trial run proved successful in that it doubled deliveries and cut delivery time in half. One crew services the branch line running from Delmont to Murrysville and also switches Export.

The second crew services the main line from White Valley to Slickville. The two crews pass cars back and forth in Export. This method solves the problem of the lack of a run around track in Export.

With the success of the double switchers, the PCR was plagued with scheduling and switching errors. Switches were left in the turn position and were not set to normal. This resulted in a second train running behind the train that was pulling out of the yard, this happened twice. The dispatcher could not be reached for comment.

The B&LE coal run did not make the run out of North Bessemer to Saltsburg. This would all be enough to hang the substitute dispatcher, but this next example of incompetence made Guss Grump blow his top. The commuter train did not make the return trip to Saltsburg and was left sitting at the downtown station as crew members went home for the evening, leaving commuters on their own to find a way out of town.

The next operating session is this Friday, February 18th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all!