Date: April 10, 2005

Last month, PCR crews pushed the railroad to its limits by delivering a record number of cars. The new track and switch wiring was tested and only produced one bug in Slickville where the lumber company track would go dead if it was entered from the east turnout off the main.

PCR officials report that the problem has been corrected.

The cheese factory improvements are back on schedule with the welcome break in the weather. A pavement technique is being used; fine play sand is spread, sprayed with alcohol & water, and then covered with 50/50 white glue and water.

Sand is then sprinkled again in the puddles to even the surface. After this dries to the touch, it is rolled with a paint jar, and then painted. This method was also used on the factory roof but without rolling it.

The old K4 is back in service, heading a scenic tour that runs from White Valley station, west to the PRR mainline, then east up the Allegheny River, then up the Kiskiminetis River to Saltsburg, then back to White Valley.

The next operating session is this Friday, April 15th, starting around 7:00pm.

Hope to see you all!