Date: September 21, 2005

Summer ends on the 22nd, it's time to put away the lawn chairs, sit back and reminisce.

We did some railfanning on the river at Port Perry and Clairton Works. Port Perry lived up to its name of being the busiest railroad spot around, with NW, CSX, and URR all showing their colors. Clairton works did not have the rail action, but from the river, the mill's magnitude is realized.

We had the pleasure of staying at Arnold's log cabin on his farm in Summerset County. The cabin sits away from the farm and offers peace and quiet.

I got a laptop on ebay, so rather than sitting at a desk, I was sitting in the back yard with a cold drink. So, the layout is as it was in June, ready for the PCR crew to deliver the goods.

The next operating session is this Friday, September 23rd, starting around 7:00pm.