Date: January 15, 2006

Scandal tops today’s news as reports come in that Slim McCready once belonged to a club that discriminated against women. The club held secret meetings in an old tool shed in Slim's back yard when he was the age of nine. The meetings did not allow girls to attend and actually posted a sign “No Girls Allowed.” Jeopardized is Slim’s future as a PCR engineer, as Guss Grump reviews the matter.

Delmont, White Valley, and Export have been moved so that the scenic backdrop for the layout could be fit into place. The corner piece is made of 3/16” hardboard mounted on 1x4 framing. Slots were cut into the back of the hardboard along the radius so that the hardboard would curve, the slots were cut at a depth of half the board. The next step is to cover the screws and paint the backdrop.

In other news, the Bob Evans Cheese Factory sign, that was scheduled for delivery several months ago, has yet to be delivered. Mr. Evans commented, “Where’s my sign?” Apparently, the artists have had trouble balancing the colors and could not finalize the advertising concepts.

This month's operating session is this Friday, January 20th, starting around 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.