Date: April 16, 2006

This month's top story is the new Video Inspection car scheduled to run this Friday. The PCR has two new cameras; one is mounted on the helix and overlooking the hard to see switches at the yard leads into Saltsburg Yard and into Plum Creek Yard. The other camera is a mobile unit mounted on a flat car, and will be used for inspection of the PCR's rails; the scheduled train should not interrupt regular railroad activities.

TV monitoring is broadcast by the cameras and received at the PCR's new Export Tower office. The video can be recorded and saved in digital formats, while reports will be filed. Guss Grump believes that the cameras are just a waste of hard earned time and money, while Slim McCready assures that the PCR will save time and money, comparing the inspections to the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock and Benjamin Franklin discovering lightning using a key and a string.
And finally, the Bob Evans Cheese Factory sign debacle is unresolved. Mr. Evans was reached for comment, and is quoted as saying "figures", and in fact was not, and still is, not happy about the sign.

This month's operating session is this Friday, April 21st, starting around 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.