Date: February 12, 2007

The top story is the Eastbound PRR Commuter wreck last month in Saltsburg yard. Eyewitness accounts report that on its final run of the day, the yardmaster directed the train to back over a misaligned turnout. Crews had to get six cars back on the track, although no extensive damage could be seen, and no reported human injuries, the train has been quarantined by the NTSB until further investigations are completed.

Factory owner Ivan Hump says, "tanks a lot" for the PCR service last month in preparation for
his upcoming sale. He went on to remind us about the nightly layaway plans offered by his company.

Red Jones, Conductor for the West Ridge Railroad, recently got to ride the Plum Creek Railroad. In addition to being on the derailed commuter, he saw Slim McCready take a fall from the roof walk of a boxcar as the "The Mad Switcher" jolted the cars during a switching maneuver. He also saw an old K-4 steam engine back over an embankment. Red reported that the trip was very enjoyable.

In other news, Bowser Manufacturing has photos of its new line of F-7's on the PCR on its web page add. Onlookers are confused about the "Penn Central" painted on these engines.

This month's operating session is this Friday, February 16th, starting around 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.