Date: May 14, 2007

Things are not looking good for the PRR, while the PCR is the busiest that it's ever been, business is slowing down to a crawl on the Pennsy. The only thing keeping it afloat is the popular commuter train. While news from the NTSB on the quarantined commuter train was again inconclusive. Officials report that the investigation is proceeding as scheduled.

No sooner than rules are made, they are broken. Slim McCready was observed urinating into Beaver Run. But when asked about his offence, he stated that Rule clearly pertains only to Beaver Run.
Beaver Run is over at Slickville, and he was at the Turtle Creek in Dunningtown. So out came the maps, and sure enough, Slim was right. He also pointed out Piddle Creek in Murrysville and chuckled. Guss Grump, PCR CEO, said that's not very funny, but did not comment about the mix-up of the creek names.

Red Jones, Conductor for the West Ridge Railroad, backed up Slim by saying that the Turtle Creek runs past the Thompson Farm House and Die Craft in Dunnington were it crosses under the PCR tracks twice before it heads down to White Valley.
A PRR engineer driving the commuter train ran it into a siding head-on and slammed into the PCR switcher working White Valley. He was heard saying "I was just talking to Bob and forgot that I was driving the train, I think it's Your-a-pee-in, pee-air, french spring water from Piddle Creek Bottled Water, oui oui, you know, We keep the water flowing".

This month's operating session is this Friday, May 18th, starting around 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.