Date: September 17, 2007

Summer's over, and it's time again for the trains to run.

When we last visited the PCR, Slim McCready was booking a flight to France on Pee Air, Guss Grump, PCR CEO, was pondering investing in Piddle Creek Bottled Water, and Red Jones, Conductor for the West Ridge Railroad was explaining the creeks that cross the PCR.
The Delmont Mine structure is completed and ready to be named.

The first name that came along was Bea Mine, named after the heart throb Bea Arthur, but that would just sound weird on a train order.

The next name that came along, was Jenny's Mine. This has potential but sounds somewhat possessive. So, the mine is not yet named, suggestions are welcome.

This month's operating session is this Friday, September 21st, starting around 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.